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──Mar 10 , 2021High pressure rotary jet grouting pile technology

High pressure rotary jet pileIt is a kind of high-pressure jet grouting method, which inserts the grouting pipe with a special nozzle into the designed soil depth, and then shoots the cement slurry from the nozzle in the form of a high-pressure jet to impact the cutting soil. The soil and cement slurry are stirred to form a mixed slurry, which then forms a continuous lap cement plus solid.

The basic technology types of high-pressure rotary jet grouting pile include: single pipe method, double pipe method, triple pipe method and multiple pipe method.

Super high pressure rotary jet grouting pile machine can be provided30MpaAbove the grouting pressure, cut and reinforce the formation formed by the pile diameter up to2mThe above.

Technical advantages:

(1) Construction machinery and equipment is light, construction movement is simple;

(2) Construction materials from a wide range of sources;

(3The construction occupies less land, has little vibration and low noise.

Ultra-high pressure rotary jet grouting pile and micro-disturbance rotary jet grouting pile

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