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Water foundation treatment works 01

Water foundation treatment works

The foundation construction and reinforcement of offshore construction projects such as ports, offshore airports and artificial islands are much more difficult than those on land. It is obviously unreliable to directly construct on the soft seabed composed of silt and organic impurities. In order to effectively solve the problem of construction and maintenance of seabed soft soil foundation, compared with traditional methods, new technologies such as water plastic drainage board and water mixing pile DCM are adopted, which have lower construction cost and less impact on the marine environment and aquaculture. It is an inevitable development trend of seabed soft soil foundation treatment methods.

  • Master multiple R & D technologies in one

    It integrates many R & D technologies such as environmental protection treatment system and intelligent control construction, grasps the intelligent core construction technology, and breaks the monopoly of foreign countries in this field.

  • International construction technology innovator

    The strong water full hydraulic intelligent PVD hard soil penetration is strong. Compared with the domestic counterparts, the construction is more efficient and breaks the domestic technical barriers. It is widely praised by the industry.

  • Own construction equipment

    ·It has 4 DCM engineering ships ·15 onshore DCM pile machines ·3 PVD engineering ships


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