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Pile foundation engineering 01

Pile foundation engineering

The full name of the pile foundation is the pile foundation, which is one of the widely used construction (structure) foundation forms, consisting of piles and caps. Pile foundation engineering is the construction process of pile formation. The pile formation methods include implantation method, static pressure method, hammering method, hole filling method, vibration method and other techniques. Strong through intelligent pile planting and other innovative technologies, with more than 800 self-owned construction iron army, semi-military, lean management, high-quality service, to create the highest value for customers!

Own equipment

More than 200 sets of various construction machinery

More than 30,000 tons  of fabricated steel components

4  offshore construction ships

Technical advantages

61 invention patents

73 utility model patents

Process equipment development capabilities for core technologies and patented technologies

Management advantage

Self-owned industrial workers, paramilitary management, apprenticeship

“EPC” contracting mode in the field of foundation engineering