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Interpretation of Shanghai strong foundation logoInterpretation of logo

元素构成 Element 1: the rising sun on the horizon

On the vast land, a rising sun means that the strong foundation is like the sun at 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning. It is flourishing and presents a vigorous scene

元素构成 Element 2: five tall buildings

The "Five" high-rise, the five elements belong to the earth, and the earth can produce all things. The implication is strong. The foundation is built in a beautiful and prosperous era. The "Five" high-rise buildings also represent the strong foundation and the foundation for settling down. They are flourishing and showing a vigorous scene

  • security

    Safety is the root

  • quality

    Quality oriented

  • tech

    Creativity first

  • progress

    Progress is constant

  • value

    Initial value

元素构成 Element 3: Black Foundation

Above and below the ground, the surface and inside are the same. Under the black soil and the ground, the foundation is firm, the industry bottom line is firmly adhered to, and a century old foundation is built

Company culture Corporate culture

Company culture

    Enterprise vision

    Strong future: the company will move towards a century old foundation of high-tech content, high-quality service and high-quality management

  • Enterprise mission

    Create the highest value for customers

  • Core values

    Integrity, pragmatism, innovation and inclusiveness

  • Management Idea

    Not compete with customers

  • Enterprise objectives

    Become a leading brand in China's foundation engineering industry

  • Code of conduct

    Abide by the rules; Be honest and honest

  • Enterprise spiritEnterprise spirit

    Stronger in strength, more refined in essence

  • Team view

    Team viewThe resultant force is stronger, concentric and strong

  • Development view

    Development viewTamp the foundation, prepare to launch, strong bow and powerful crossbow and arrow without false launch

  • Competition view

    Competition viewA strong boat has its own strong hand and goes against the current

  • Work concept

    Work conceptOnly find methods for success, not excuses for

  • Executive view

    Executive view The goal cannot be changed, and the means can only be

  • Procedural view

    Procedural viewProcedure is greater than power

  • Management view

    Management viewDetails determine success or failure