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Sustainable DevelopmentTechnology makes the foundation stronger

At the beginning of its establishment, the company took promoting industrial technology progress as the way to survive. For more than 20 years, in each different period, the company has supported the development of the enterprise with continuous innovation achievements. It has made dozens of innovative technologies in pile foundation engineering, foundation pit engineering, water foundation treatment and land foundation treatment, and has authorized 60 invention patents, 98 utility model patents and 6 design patents. For more than 20 years, the foundation engineering industrial system has been continuously improved. Now, the construction of production factors such as technology research and development center, equipment and Technology Research Institute, special equipment processing and manufacturing workshop, soil test room, new technology laboratory, self owned industrial worker training base, and self owned large-scale professional construction equipment has been completed. Create the highest value for customers!

  • 10termInnovative technology
  • 61termInvention patent
  • 73termUtility model patent
  • 6termAppearance design

Technological process of industrial upgrading Technological history

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Static pressure pile technology

Static pressure pile is a method of engineering pile foundation construction. The static pressure pile method is a pile sinking process in which the prefabricated pile is pressed into the soil by the pile pressing mechanism of the static pile press and the reaction force provided by the weight of the pile press and the counterweight on the frame. Static pressure pile: advantages: it completely avoids the vibration, noise and pollution caused by hammer driving, so it has the advantages of no damage to the pile, no noise, no vibration, no impact force and no pollution during construction.

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Ultra deep SMW Construction Technology and equipment

Stiffening pile technology

SMW is the abbreviation of soil mixing wall. This construction method is also known as profile steel cement soil mixing wall. It uses a multi shaft drilling mixer to drill into a certain depth of soil layer at the project site, and at the same time, it sprays cement slurry at the drill and repeatedly mixes with the foundation soil to form a continuous and complete underground wall with certain strength and rigidity and no joints. Stiffening pile technology is a vertical or inclined large-diameter cement soil pile formed in soft soil stratum (muddy soil and silt under high water level) through special machines and tools, high-pressure rotary spraying and mixing combined process. It is also a supporting pile or uplift pile that can be prestressed with anchor bars and anchors.

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prestressed fish belly foundation pit steel support technology and components

technology and equipment of undisturbed soil sampling cast-in-place pile

technology and equipment of cement soil and concrete interlocking pile

automatic monitoring, warning and control system for foundation pit safety

intelligent pile planting technology and equipment

offshore DCM construction method (cement mixing pile) technology

offshore PVD construction method (drainage plate) technology

Land DCM technology and equipment

Water cement slurry mixing and long-distance transportation land technology and equipment

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Foundation treatment technology of fluid solidified soil replacement

Intelligent pile planting integrated equipment

The fluid solidified soil replacement foundation treatment technology has high strength and fluidity suitable for pumping construction. It is not only fast in construction, but also a very good construction material with high strength, controllable quality, low cost, wide application range and friendly environment. The intelligent pile planting adopts a special mixing and grouting rig to drill at the designed pile position. At the same time, the solidifying agent such as cement slurry is sprayed directly or spirally at the drill bit (compressed air can be injected at the same time when necessary) and the foundation soil are mixed repeatedly to form a columnar cement soil mass. The core materials such as prefabricated pipe piles are immediately embedded in the cement soil by self weight and auxiliary equipment. After the cement soil at the side and end of the pile is solidified, it forms an integral part with the pile.


Enterprise Strategy Enterprise Strategy

Company development strategy

Company development strategy

Focus on the foundation engineering field, adhere to the entity enterprise with its own technology, equipment, workers and construction

Competitive strategy of the company

Competitive strategy of the company

Rely on scientific and technological strength and management advantages to implement the competitive strategy of technology differentiation and management differentiation

Corporate Internet + strategy

Corporate Internet + strategy

Based on the Internet platform, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and constantly create new processes, new businesses and new models

Talent strategy of the company

Talent strategy of the company

The long-term strategic task of the company is to train talents such as technology research and development, equipment technology, operation management and industrial technicians

Company market strategy

Company market strategy

Facing the domestic and overseas water and land foundation engineering market