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──Feb 25 , 2021Concrete support for foundation pit engineering

Technical principle:

The foundation pitInner support refers to the retaining, reinforcement and protection measures adopted for the side wall and surrounding environment of the foundation pit in order to ensure the safety of the underground structure construction and surrounding environment.

Reinforced concreteIn the supportAs aThe foundation pitA common form of internal support, through the site cast reinforced concrete beam, plate structure, and the foundation pit surrounding vertical enclosure structure to form a whole, the support beam to form a truss structure, and through the vertical pile for vertical support.

Technical advantages:

Large stiffness, good integrity, flexible layout, suitable for different shape of foundation pit.

Technical disadvantages:

The on-site production and maintenance time is long, the demolition project is large, and the supporting materials cannot be reused. The noise, dust and garbage generated during the demolition process are extremely detrimental to environmental protection.

Due to the dense arrangement of the supporting beams and plates, the supporting members cover most of theThe foundation pitThe flat surface brings great difficulties to the construction of soil and underground structure, prolonging the construction period and increasing the construction cost.

In addition, reinforced concrete support belongs to the passive support structure, for the width and length of the larger foundation pit, after the excavation, the concrete beam compression caused by large amount of deformation, thus affecting the safety of the surrounding environment.

Support of concrete

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