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Love public welfare

──Dec 17 , 2020Strong foundation organizations volunteer blood donation and social enthusiasm

Voluntary blood donation, as a noble social public welfare cause, is a red bond to pass on the true feelings of the world, is a kind act of virtue to help others and social services and do love dedication.2020years12month16Day,Shanghai Strong foundationthe10A small partner organized voluntary blood donation, full of enthusiasm to contribute to the society, warm the heart.

There is a spirit, regardless of you and me, pregnant with the warmth of love;

There is a spirit, break boundaries, highlight the strength of the nation;

There is a spirit, give birth to strong, weave life brilliant.

A group photo of loving friends

Shanghai Strong Foundation love friends group photo

10Zhang's blood donation certificate forms a love heart

10Zhang's blood donation certificate forms a love heart

Finally, said Xiao Wu of the customer service department of Shanghai Strong Foundation, why not do something that is not harmful to yourself and can help others? She's going to keep doing it, donating blood every year until her body says no more. So, old looking back, must be very happy that they did a very valuable thing, to the benefit of others, but also for the country to contribute a small power.

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