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Foundation pit engineering

──Mar 10 , 2022How to do a good job in deep foundation pit engineering? The overall benefits are better

Queensland sanyo chengchengThe fourth phase Project of Industrial Technology Research Institute of Lake Science ParkThe foundation pitThe surrounding environment is complex, the excavation area is large, the depth is deep, and the construction is difficult. By adopting Shanghai Qiangqiang Foundation Engineering Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as"Shanghai Strong Foundation"), on the basis of saving the construction period and cost, but also to achieve the maximum survey no more than2cm, the comprehensive benefit is far better than the traditional concrete support scheme. 

Foundation pit supporting

Project renderings

 The project has many difficulties

thisProject is located in theJiangsu provinceSouth side of Xiaolin Road, east side of Zuchongzhi Road, High-tech Zone, Kunshan City,North side of Bausch Road. The proposed projects include6building6~22FOffice building, ancillary facilities and underground two-storey garage(local underground three floors),Total land area75393m2, the total construction area298943m2, the underground construction areafor69716m2.

The construction of this project has the following difficulties:

1Deep foundation pit, large area, deep foundation pit10.1m~13.7m, with an area of about25900m2About, circumference740m.

2The surrounding environment of the foundation pit is very complex, and the buildings on the east and west sides are less than the nearest to the outer edge of the foundation pit3mEspecially in the southwest corner4Layer steel structure building is close to the foundation pit Yang Angle. At the same time, a total distribution of four weeks36The pipe line is less than the closest to the outer edge of the foundation pit2m.

Foundation pit supporting

Taking photo

 Innovative solutions bring good benefits

Considering the pit depth, surrounding environment, economy and other factors, the foundation pit supporting scheme is adopted"Piles+"Two supports", among which, the first support adopts concrete support trestle combined with prestressed fish belly beam technology (Shanghai strong foundation patent technology), and the second support adopts fish belly beam steel support.The fish belly beam technology is advanced, the construction technology is green, environmental protection, the displacement control effect is good, and the cost is cheaper than the concrete support20%The above.

In order to save time, the enclosure piles and column piles of this project are all made of Shanghai strong foundationPressure grouting pile technology.Compared with the traditional construction technology, the pressure grouting pile is not only free of mud discharge, green and environmental protection, but also efficient, and the piling time of a single pile is the traditional technology1/3~1/4.

At present, the first support of this project has been completed, and the south side area of the second support has been installed. The latest foundation pit monitoring data show that the maximum inclinance is not more than2cm, deformation control effect is very good.

Foundation pit supporting

Foundation pit from north to south

Foundation pit supporting

Foundation pit from south to north

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