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──May 04 , 2021Shanghai strong foundation to participate in the "Praise for 100 years, building achievements" in 2021 Waigang town to celebrate the "May Day" International Labor Day conference

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party and the coming "51" international Labor Day, Jiading District Waigang town Federation of Trade unions in4month26On the afternoon of the day "Ode to the Centenary·Build meritorious service"2021In Waigang town to celebrate the "May 1" International Labor Day conference, our company Liu Quanlin, Yan Jian, Sheng Xiaoxing as a representative of the workers participated in the conference.

In this conference, our company won the"2020The title of annual Advanced Trade Union Organization of Waigang Town, Liu Quanlin won the title of"2021"Jiading Technical Expert" title, Sheng Xiaoxing won"2020Annual Waigang Town post innovation expert "title.

Waigang town celebrates the

Shanghai strong Liu Quanlin

Praise in one hundred·Building feats

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Shanghai strong participation in the town of outer gang staff talent contest