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──Feb 18 , 2021Dual-wheel milling Technology of Equithick mixed soil-cement continuous wall (CSM Method)

CSMMethod isCutter Soil Mixing(milling) deep mixing technology, the technology adopts the double rotation of stirring on the construction site of the original state soil cutting, and injection of cement slurry and gas formation thickness of cement soil under continuous wall, used for water stop curtain, retaining wall or formation improvement, with formation adaptability strong, high construction speed, the quality of the wall, is particularly well adapted for use in complex formation.

Technical Advantages:

1, wall size, depth, grouting amount, verticality and other parameters of high control accuracy, reliable quality of mixing wall;

2, no"Cold seam"Concept, can realize seamless connection, forming seamless continuous wall;

3And the wall thickness is0.7m~1mThe width2.8m;

4Crawler or walking main engine chassis, hydraulic diesel drive system, available360 °Rotation, convenient for corner construction;

5, milling wheel torque up to7.5t.m, the machinable uniaxial stirring strength is20MpaA rock layer within;

6, milling rotation number up to0~50rpm;

7Pile length can be reached60Meters above.


CSMMethods the scene

Field construction photo of double wheel milling soil-cement cutting wall01

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