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──Dec 18 , 2020Strong explanation of water PVD (plastic drainage board) technology

Developed by Strong FoundationsThe waterPVD(plastic drainage plate) technologyStrong penetration of hard soil layer, efficient construction,1Construction in half minutes12The root30Meter long drainage board, domestic counterparts generally use vibrator construction2-4Root, and construction time is longer. inHong Kong Airport Three runsThe project has been praised by the Hong Kong Airport Authority for many times and has been constructed on waterPVD(plastic) drain plate2000Ten thousand meters, the operation of the equipment is very successful, let the engineering field refreshing. have3shipPVDEngineering ship.

Plastic water drainage plate (PVD)

The waterPVD(drainage plate)

Plastic water drainage plate (PVD)

Drainage plate engineering vessel (assembly8Table insert machine)

Plastic water drainage plate (PVD)

Drainage plate engineering vessel (assembly12Table insert machine)

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