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Water foundation treatment engineering

──Dec 09 , 2020Floating DCM, PVD: Runway 3, Hong Kong International Airport

Type of Project:Water foundation treatment engineering

Project Information:Total project investment1415Million Hong Kong dollars;Reclamation stretched650Ha.The passenger terminal building1Building;slots57A;The airport runway3800m.

Construction technology:The waterDCM,The waterPVD;

Start time:2016years6month

Project Introduction:As an international aviation hub in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), facing the increasing volume of aircraft takeoff and landing, adopts the international leading water foundation treatment technology -- water in order to reduce uneven settlement, avoid stability damage and protect the Marine environmentDCM(stirring pile) and above waterPVD(plastic drainage plate) technology.

An unnamed-1

Hong Kong International Airport Third Runway project

The waterPVD (9)

The waterPVD (2)

Water drainage plate construction vessel

The waterDCM (8)

Floating mixing pile construction vessel

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