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Foundation pit engineering

──Jan 20 , 2021Prestressed fish-belly foundation pit steel support: Chongqing Apeng River Bridge

Construction content:Foundation pit engineering

Project Information:Total bridge length1.36km;Bridge pier21a; The main pier height137meter;The main tower height172.5meter; Continuous beam length240meter;

Construction technology:The combination of the occluding pile and the prestressed fish-belly steel support technology

Project Introduction:Apeng River Bridge is located in Ba Community, Zhoubai Town, Qianjiang District, Chongqing City. It is known as "the first high span cable-stayed bridge of passenger and freight common line in China". The Apeng River Bridge spansS202The provincial road and Apeng River valley have steep mountain slopes and complicated hydrogeological conditions.

Our company and the general contractor, the Third Aviation Bureau of China Communications Construction Co., LTD., jointly solved the key problems, such as large excavation risk, poor water stop effect and easy deformation of the foundation pit, laying a foundation for the completion of the bridge.

Apeng River Bridge in Chongqing

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