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──Jun 27 , 2022Quality control: Inspect the steel support of foundation pit to ensure no deformation

Steel support

From HUAINAN PANJI COAL PREPARATION PLANT TO THE CONSTRUCTION SITE OF THE FOUNDATION PIT SUPPORTING ENGINEERING OF THE UNDERGROUND CORRIDOR OF the power PLANT, Shanghai STRONG management personnel are INSPECTING the steel support of the FOUNDATION pit to ensure no deformation and no noise, so as to ensure the construction quality.
Huainan Mining Group Panji Power plant Phase I2X660MWThe ultra-supercritical coal Burning Unit Project (hereinafter referred to as the "Project") is located in Wangwei Village and Huaibei Village, Jiahe Town, Panji District, Huainan City, Anhui Province, about north of Fuhuai Railway0.6km, about Huainan city center30km, the main building includesT0The transfer station and the north and south underground corridors are divided into two types: frame structure and underground box. The supporting scope of the underground corridor foundation pit supporting project (hereinafter referred to as "the Project") undertaken by our company is this projectT0Transfer station and coal preparation plant to power plantBC-1ABUnderground corridor area for coal transport,The excavation depth of the foundation pit is6.00~28.20m, covers an area of1748.00m2And perimeter304.50m..

At present, the steel support installation of this project has been completely completed, slope protection has been completed about 90%, is expected to be7Complete by the beginning of the month.


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