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──May 02 , 2021Macao New Town Area A B4 foundation pit supporting steel support project

Project information: Foundation pit perimeter approx410m, with an area of about10698 ㎡, the maximum excavation depth is 15.45m

Foundation pit supporting technology:Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing for foundation pit(hereinafter referred to as" Fish belly beam construction method ")+Steel sheet pile

Commencement Date:2021years3month10 day

The project is located in Macao New TownAarea-B4Lots with public car park and public facilities. The podium is divided into north and south wings, with special access between the two wings on the ground floor for fire trucks to reach and operate. The public housing section is set above the podium building, which is divided into four towers. A site is reserved in the north-west corner of the lot for future footbridge and footbridge landing.

Since the project is in Macao, the project team needs to do more preparation work, such as transporting equipment and materials, handling equipment customs declaration, personnel passes and other procedures...In addition, because the local supervision system is different from inland, the project team made a full and in-depth understanding of the general contractor before entering the site. Due to the high local acceptance standards for welding work, the project team strictly controls the standard components, approach transportation, storage and lifting.

The project uses the innovative technology of Shanghai's strong foundation-Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing for foundation pit Technology, instead of the local traditional steel support technology- The invention relates to an on-site welded cross-sectional steel support, which has defects such as large welding workload, time consuming, serious pollution, low recovery rate of components and small space for excavation. Compared to this, Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing for foundation pit The technical components are standard components, which are assembled and connected using bolts, which makes the process have the following advantages:

(1To save time. The use of bolts on site assembly, avoid a lot of welding work, fast speed, short construction period;

(2(Green environmental protection. Component assembly, disassembly, no construction waste, component recovery rate is high;

(3Large space for digging (see picture below).

This is alsoPrestressed fish-belly steel bracing for foundation pitThe first application of the technology in Macao.

Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing for foundation pit

Construction site of steel support technology for prestressed fish-belly foundation pit

Local traditional steel support technology construction site

Local traditional steel support technology construction site

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