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──Jun 11 , 2021Application of intelligent piling technology in soft soil layer

Shanghai -Baijing Center Project

Project Overview: Floor area:169211㎡; Number of intelligent pile roots:1800The root; Pile length: about50M;

Construction technology:Intelligent embedded pile

Commencement Date:2020years11month20day

Baijing Center Project is located in Yangpu District, Shanghai2021One of the ten major projects started in 2008, located in the east side of Guoan Road, north of Sanmen Road, Yangpu District, with office as the main body, including supporting businesses, self-operated chain hotels, etc., will be built into a full-service20Commercial office complex of 10,000 square meters.

Baijing Center Project

The project is located in the sub-center of Wujiaochang city, surrounded by dense commercial buildings, and there are many pipelines on the side roads, which have high requirements for construction efficiency, quality, safety and environmental protection. The site investigation shows that the main soil layer of the project site is soft soil, which has the characteristics of low strength, large disturbance and high moisture content. According to the situation of the project site, the pile foundation engineering adopts our innovative patent technology --Intelligent embedded pileTechnology. Compared with traditional technology, this technology has the following advantages:

(1Compared with the traditional cast-in-place pile technology, it has the advantages of low cost, high work efficiency, no dust, no mud discharge, etc.

(2The construction equipment adopts intelligent control, and the construction parameters are directly controlled by the computer system, which can avoid the adverse impact of human factors on the construction and ensure the construction quality;

(3) The use of a special soil cutting pulverizer to cut soil, drilling with the slurry mixing of the lower spout mouth, lift the slurry mixing of the spout mouth, so that soil and cement can be fully mixed, the formation of cement soil strength uniform, uniform density, high bearing capacity, good water stop effect, has obvious advantages in the soft soil layer.

Pile planting is under construction

Pile planting is under construction

The current progress of the project is about one third ahead of schedule, and the construction quality and site standardization have been praised by the relevant units.

The project team will continue to maintain high standards and strict requirements, strictly abide by the requirements of safe and civilized construction standardization and quality acceptance standardization. When encountering key points and difficulties in construction, the team will actively communicate with the relevant departments to ensure the construction period, and also go all out to ensure the high quality of construction.

Project design drawing

Project design drawing

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