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──Feb 05 , 2021Cause analysis of uneven settlement of foundation

The causes of uneven settlement of foundation may be as follows:

1, geological causes

Local uneven soil, resulting in some parts of the building will be placed on the hard soil layer, some parts on the soft soil layer. Some foundation soft bedding soft soil itself thickness is larger, and there are ditch, cave, etc.; There is too much water content in the foundation, which will lead to uneven settlement of the building foundation after compression.

2, investigate the cause

The survey units did not strictly follow the regulations, resulting in inaccurate geological reports, so that in the actual construction process, it is impossible to effectively and correctly carry out construction.

3, design reasons

The design of the building shape is more complex, and the upper load at different positions is different due to different stories, which leads to settlement joints. Improper foundation treatment and unreasonable design will also lead to uneven settlement of the foundation.

4, construction reasons

The construction drainage scheme is unreasonable and the building is reconstructed and expanded at will; In the process of wall masonry, there are some problems such as low mortar strength and not full ash joints.

5, other reasons

Around a large number of groundwater exploitation, or random change of house use, increase the load, will lead to uneven settlement of the foundation and other problems.

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