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──Feb 03 , 2021The technology of undisturbed earth filling pile

Undisturbed soil-taking cast-in-place pile can be divided into full support cylinder cast-in-place pile and pressure cast-in-place pile.

Undisturbed filling pile with full retaining cylinder

In this process, a double-power drill with spiral blades in the whole supporting cylinder is used to cut the soil to form the pile diameter. At the same time, the soil in the supporting cylinder is removed, and the reinforcing cage is inserted into the reinforcing cage after pouring or pressurizing the concrete. After pulling out the supporting cylinder, the reinforced concrete pile is formed, which is especially suitable for the soil layer with great influence of soil extrusion.

Process features:

1No mud, protect the environment;

2, no hole collapse, high vertical precision, reliable quality;

3, the soil disturbance is small, the construction process has little influence on the first construction pile and the surrounding environment, especially suitable for the project with high density of pile placement.

Undisturbed filling pile with full retaining cylinder

Undisturbed earth taking and pressurized concrete pile

The technology of undisturbed earth extraction and pressure grouting concrete pile inherits the advantages of long auger drilling pile. First, the special auger drilling tool is used to the design depth of the pile bottom to form the pile diameter, and then the hollow pipe of the drill tool is used to continuously pump concrete to the pile top at high pressure to form plain concrete pile. At the same time, the replacement soil is taken out by using the original state of the spiral blade. Then the whole steel cage is vibratively inserted to form reinforced concrete cast-in-place pile.

Process features:

1No mud discharge, protect the environment;

2, save a lot of water and electricity construction direct costs, and improve the construction efficiency;

3Reliable quality of driving pile;

4Reduce the project cost.

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