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──Feb 23 , 2021FDP fast soft foundation treatment technology

FDPRapid softFoundation treatmentTechnology is a soft base treatment technology based on the principle of vacuum preloading technology and a number of innovative technologies. It is a set of unimpeded drainage plate technology(Flow) , straight through and no sand cushion technology(Direct) Intermittent pressurization technology(Pressurize)And vacuum energy saving technology (Powerless)Vacuum preloading in one (Preloading)Technology.

This technology can significantly reduce the adverse effect of well resistance and smeared effect on drainage consolidation, reduce the blockage of drainage channels, avoid the blind area of drainage channels without traditional vacuum preloading, avoid the dependence on sand resources in traditional technology, and finally shorten the construction period35%Save the project cost25%For the above purposes.

Main Features:

(1) straight through with no sand cushion

The vertical plastic drainage plate is directly connected with the horizontal vacuum tube by a special palm joint, which not only avoids the loss of vacuum degree, but also eliminates the sand cushion layer.

aAvoiding the loss of vacuum degree is conducive to improving the effect of soft foundation reinforcement and shortening the construction period.

bThe cancellation of sand cushion can avoid the dependence on sand resources, alleviate the constraints of insufficient sand source on the project construction, and also save the higher cost of buying sand cushion, which is conducive to the control of project cost.

(2) unblocked drainage plate technology

Unblocked plastic drainage plate is the filter membrane and core plate through a special process, this special structure makes it has the characteristics of good integrity, high tensile strength, large water flow. According TO THE particle size DISTRIBUTION OF THE CLAY PARTICLES in the silt, the pore size of the filter membrane can be adjusted flexibly, which can effectively overcome the blockage phenomenon caused by the accumulation of clay particles around the filter membrane of the drainage plate, and achieve the ideal smooth effect.

(3) intermittent pressurization technology

By applying special micropore pressurizing pipe into the foundation to be treated, the soft soil foundation is pressurized intermittently, and the excess pore water pressure of the deep soil is increased in a short time, so as to accelerate the drainage and consolidation of the soil.

The effect is similar to that on the basis of vacuum preloading, the reinforcement effect similar to that of vacuum combined preloading is formed by combining a certain thickness of load material. At the same time, by pressurizing the foundation, a number of horizontal cracks can be formed in the silt layer, and then a new horizontal drainage channel can be formed, so that the pore water flows directively in the crack channel, and the soil consolidation is accelerated, so as to enhance the soft foundation reinforcement effect and shorten the time of soft foundation reinforcement treatment.

(4) High density type air tight wall technology

The SIX-axis clay mixing pile machine is adopted, and the pile forming technology of socket method is applied to quickly form a kind of high dense air tight wall, which can improve the guarantee for the formation of high vacuum. Compared with the traditional single-axis, biaxial and triaxial mixing machines, the six-axis clay mixing pile machine has the advantages of high pile density, fast speed and low bearing capacity requirements for the foundation.

(5High vacuum energy saving technology

Using gas-liquid separation technology, in12Ten thousand square meters of the site is arranged in a section of high vacuum pump and12Gas liquid separation tank, can quickly form a high vacuum. With the traditional every800~1000Compared with a jet pump arranged in square meters to form a vacuum, it has the following advantages:

aHigh vacuum can be formed quickly90KPa;

b, the number of vacuum equipment is small, energy saving and emission reduction;

c, equipment management is convenient, can be really realized100%Open rate, ensure vacuum degree.

FDPInspection of the effect after technical treatment

FDPConnection effect of vacuum preloaded vacuum filter tube and drainage plate

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