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──Feb 22 , 2021Conventional steel support

traditionalSteel support, using steel pipe,HSection steel, Angle steel, etc., as foundation pit supporting materials to enhance the stability of engineering structure, are generally in the shape of cross or parallel layout. Steel support is widely used in subway and foundation pit. It has the advantages of economy and environmental protection because it can be recycled and reused.

Part of steel pipe,HThe steel support can be prestressed by hydraulic jack or self-servo pressure end to increase the retaining strength of the supporting structure and improve the stability of the foundation pit.

However, the traditional steel support is usually installed and welded on site, and the installation quality is difficult to ensure, which often leads to engineering accidents such as large deformation of the supporting foundation pit and collapse of the pit wall. In addition, due to the dense arrangement of the traditional steel support, it occupies most of the area of the foundation pit, which leads to the difficulty of earthwork excavation and underground structure construction, and then more prolonged construction period, which further affects the safety of the foundation pit and reduces the reliability of the foundation pit. Many regions have issued local regulations limiting the use of traditional steel braces.

Conventional steel support

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