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──Jul 26 , 2022Installation process of Marine plastic drainage board construction equipment

Marine plastic drainage board ship, the plastic drainage board inserted into the soft soil foundation, under the upper load, the void water in the soft soil foundation is discharged by the plastic drainage board, or the formation of land through the upper matting sand cushion or horizontal plastic drainage pipe discharge, accelerate the consolidation of the soft foundation. It is widely used in the soft foundation treatment of silt, silt soil, flush soil and other saturated viscosity and miscellaneous fill soil.

Construction equipment installation process:


usingGPSPositioning, the towing vessel tows the working ship to the working destination, and the set coordinate geometry and the moving coordinate geometry are overlapped.

2,The ship positioning

throughGPSAfter determining the construction position of the operation ship, the fixed anchor is dropped to fix the operation ship. Each ship has two fixed anchors. The fixed anchors are fixed and erected after the working shipPVDEquipment pile frame, and then adjust the pile frame to ensure vertical.

3,The pile machine positioning

The slotting machine goes throughGPSAfter determining each construction pile position, the drainage plate pile position can be accurately positioned before installation.

4,The drainage board is inserted

Before each plastic drainage plate is inserted, pile boots are installed on the pile tip. The lower mandrel shaft passes through the sea water, penetrates the sand cushion layer, reaches the silt layer, and reaches the hard soil layer through the pressure change. According to the contents of the tender documents, it is determined to reach below the hard soil layer2.0mAfter that, begin to pull out the casing. When pulling out the casing, the pile boots hold the plastic drainage plate at the tip of the pile to avoid pulling out with the casing.

5,Underwater cutting board

Casing pull out sand mat approx1mRight and left,Lay down the special drainage plate shearing tool and cut the drainage plate underwater.

6,Insert the next drain board

usingGPSRetracting and releasing anchor rope moving board plotter to the next construction pile position to continue laying.

7,Move the ship

After the construction of all piles on the working ship is completed, the quality inspection department shall check the construction quality and confirm that the piles are qualified before moving the ship. If the ship is moved during a typhoon, the pile frame of the construction ship's plate loader should be lowered to the anchorage through the viaduct.

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