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──Jul 24 , 2022Characteristics of Marine plastic drainage plate engineering vessel

Shanghai Strong foundationPlastic sea drain boardEngineering ship inThe Hong Kong Airport Authority has repeatedly praised Hong Kong Airport for its three Runs. ShanghaiThe Marine plastic drainage board technology developed by Qiangqiang Foundation Company has strong penetration of hard soil layer and efficient construction.1Construction in half minutes12 The root30Meter long drainage plate.

Shanghai Strong foundationPlastic sea drain boardThe engineering ship has the following characteristics:

1,GNSSSystem, i.e."global navigation satellite system", will be used for measurement and positioning PVDEngineering. This system can receiveGPS, the big dipper andGLONASS Three GPS systems. Any one of them goes wrong, especially GPSThe signal is interfered and shielded when the projectPVDThe location will not be affected. The positioning control technology has reached the world's leading level.

2Shanghai strong foundationThe seaPVDEngineering automatic control and monitoring system. The system enables the automatic insertion of prefabricated vertical drainage panels during Marine engineering, while monitoring, recording, analyzing and storing various information such as insertion position, elevation, length, speed, motor temperature and current.

3,eachPVDConstruction boats are equippedMore than onePVDdrive.With traditional only installation2 Compared with the equipment ship, our construction equipment ship has the advantages of high degree of automation, advanced technology, stable and reliable quality, and is easier and safer to move.

4,Hydraulic static type is adoptedPVDInstall the device. This type of equipment has the characteristics of low noise, no pollution, fast speed and high construction efficiency

5,Due to the maximum water pressure up to25Mpa.PVDThe equipment can penetrate to a certain depth in the hard soil layer.

6,PVDThe rack height of the drive rig can be adjusted to meet different work requirementsPVDThe different lengths required.

Strong foundation seaPVDEngineering vessel (drainage board)

Strong foundation,24Years of industry experience,143Patents,1000+Project experience, with science and technology to make the foundation stronger, adhering to the spirit of "great country craftsman", waterDCM, waterPVDAnd other innovative technologies, For contractors, owners, design institute to provide safe water foundation treatment engineering technical consultation, construction services and other comprehensive solutions. Welcome free callsConsultation:400-100-2850 .


Installation process of Marine plastic drainage board construction equipment


Marine plastic drainage plate engineering vessel