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──Dec 19 , 2020Strong foundation sharing foundation pit engineering knowledge point: prestressed fish belly type foundation pit steel support

Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing is a prefabricated steel bracing system which uses high strength steel as the main material and applies prestress. Apply toThe excavation depth is general, the plane shape is regular, narrow and longFoundation pit engineering.

Construction method: first measurement and positioning, positioning must be accurately controlled to ensure that the straightness of the steel support can be axial compression, before installation should be in the enclosure to do a good control point, and then respectively to the supporting embedment on the enclosure to test; The hoisting of steel support, from the perspective of reliable force, vertical and horizontal steel support generally does not use overlapping connection and the same elevation connection with larger plane stiffness; After the steel support is placed in place, the crane will put the hydraulic jack into the pressure position, connect the oil pipe and start the pump, apply the prestress step by step and then fix it according to the design requirements. When removing the support, remove the steel support in the foundation pit according to the construction process. Before removing the support, remove the prestress.

Foundation pit engineering knowledge point - prestressed fish belly steel support

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