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──Dec 19 , 2020Static pile for pile foundation construction in strong foundation sharing project

Static pressure pile isProject pile foundation constructionThe static pile driving method is a pile driving process in which the prefabricated piles are pushed into the soil by the pile driving mechanism of the static pile driving machine with the reaction force provided by the dead weight of the pile driving machine and the counterweight on the frame.

Advantages: completely avoid the vibration, noise and pollution caused by the hammer hitting the pile, so the construction has no damage to the pile, no noise, no vibration, no impact, no pollution and other advantages.It is suitable for construction in places with high environmental requirements

Construction process: measurement and positioning→Pile press in position→Lifting feeding pile→Straighten the pile body to the center→piling→Pile extension→Then piling→Pile (send)→Stop piling→Cut the pile head.

The static pressure pile

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