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Foundation pit engineering

──Dec 09 , 2020Large foundation pit engineering, grouting pile, rotary jet pile, stiffening pile: Chenggong Wuyue Square, Kunming

Type of Project:Foundation pit engineering

Project Information:Foundation pit engineeringcost8000Ten thousand yuan; Pit area6.465wan㎡; Foundation pit circumference1125m.

Construction technology:Rotary diggingBored pile, high-pressure rotary jet grouting pile,Stiffening pile.

Start time:2018years4month

Project Introduction:Kunming Chenggong Wuyue Square is located in the commercial area at the intersection of Caiyunan Road and Xianghe Street, Chenggong District, Kunming City. It is a multi-functional urban complex project developed and operated by New City Holding Group Co., LTD. The foundation pit project is divided into commercial and residential areas. The commercial area is set with three underground layers and the foundation pit area40450㎡; The residential area is provided with two underground floors, and the area of the foundation pit is about24200㎡.

Kunming Chenggong Wuyue Square

Kunming Chenggong Wuyue Square

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