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──Feb 20 , 2021Six - axis cement-soil mixing pile technology

The six-axis cement-soil mixing pile technology inherits the advantages of the single-axis mixing pile, such as less soil displacement, small water-cement ratio, high pile strength, good soil reinforcement effect and low cost. It overcomes the defects of low work efficiency, poor stability, low degree of automation and high labor intensity of biaxial (uniaxial) mixing pile. There are no defects such as high cost, large amount of displaced soil and low strength of soil-cement.

The construction safety is greatly IMPROVED AND THE labor INTENSITY OF workers IS GREATLY REDUCED BY USING THE walking or crawler type automatic walking pile frame to replace the drum type pile frame of biaxial (single axis) pile. Six pipe grouting method, three pipe grouting method construction instead of biaxial (single axis) mixing pile, four pipe grouting two pipe air injection method construction technology instead of three axis mixing pile, six pipe grouting method is particularly suitable for the use of silt soil with high water content.

Energy saving and environmental protection:

Compared with the biaxial (uniaxial) mixing pile, the drilling rig of the six-axis cement soil mixing pile is driven by the single shaft instead of the coupling shaft, and the power efficiency and soil cutting ability are greatly improved. The spiral blade is combined with a large number of cross blades, and the construction efficiency is biaxial mixing pile12Times, is the three axis mixing pile2.5Times; It saves electricity compared with biaxial mixing pile70%, save electricity than three axis stirring pile40%Above, the cost is reduced20%The left and right sides.

Field of Application:

The six-axis cement-soil mixing pile technology is applied toSoft soil foundation reinforcement, soft soil foundation pit soil reinforcement, soft soil foundation pit supporting gravity retaining wall structure,Steel cement retaining wallStructure and foundation pit water curtain.

Six shaft stirring pile

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