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──Feb 21 , 2021Rotary jet mixing stiffened pile (" stiffened pile anchor ")

Rotary jet mixing stiffening pile is a kind of oblique cement cement stiffening anchor solid formed by combining rotary jet grouting and mixing cement soil technology, and combining prestress and soil reinforcement technology. In the process of pile formation, the soil around the pile is cut, stirred, penetrated, extruded and displaced, so that the strength of slope soil is greatly improved. Under THE ACTION OF PRESTRESSED ANCHOR BARS, THE STRESS STATE OF SLOPE SOIL IS CHANGED, AND THE BEARING CAPACITY AND stability OF slope soil ARE IMPROVED. At the same time, the anchor cable has a higher anchorage force, which provides support for foundation pit and slope stability.

Technical advantages:

Stiffened piles are suitable for all kinds of soil layersSupport of deep foundation pit, is superior to the traditional pile anchor, gravity dam and soil nailing wall support technology in terms of safety, economy and construction convenience. The details are as follows:

(1) The space required for the construction of rotary jet mixing stiffened pile is not large, which is suitable for all kinds of terrain and site;

(2The inner support is replaced by rotary jet stirring stiffening pile, which can reduce the cost of the envelope structure35%Above, change the construction conditions of digging and transporting earth and underground structure, shorten the construction period40%Or so;

(3The anchoring force of rotary jet mixing stiffened pile can be determined by on-site tension testing. The tension test of each pile can easily check the construction quality of rotary jet mixing stiffened pile, so as to ensure the safety of foundation pit engineering.

(4) The lateral displacement of support structure can be effectively controlled by applying pre-tension;

(5By controlling the bond force between anchor bars and soil-cement piles and adding anchor cable unlocking device, the anchor bars can be recovered.

Stiffening pile

Field close-up of stiffened pile

Project Case:

Yancheng Xifu Robot Project

Yancheng Xifu Robot Project

Stiffening pile

Manbat (Zhangjiagang) shopping plaza

Stiffening pile

South Street of Nantong

Stiffening pile

Nantong Wenfeng Financial Building Project

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