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──Dec 17 , 2020Foreign projects, high-energy dynamic consolidation: Colombo Port City

Type of Project:Foundation treatment

Project Overview:Total project investment14$;Total land area268.9wan㎡;Dynamic compactionProcessing area128.8wan㎡: Dynamic compaction process4000 kN.m.8~9mRoad area dynamic consolidation treatment depth-Road area;Dynamic compaction process2000 kN.m.6~7mThe depth of dynamic compaction in ordinary plot area is general plot area.

Project Introduction:Colombo Port City Development Project is located in the south of the south near the South Port of Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka. It is bounded by the South Port breakwater to the north, the Galle Valley to the south, and the coastline to the east.2018years3month29The project was named as one of the "five new cities that will influence the future" by Forbes magazine.

Dynamic consolidation replacement foundation treatment: Colombo Port City project

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