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──Dec 09 , 2020New Hope Project, FDP vacuum preloading: Wenzhou Sanjiang Three-dimensional City

Construction content:Soft foundation treatment engineering

Project Overview:Total project investment210One hundred million yuan;Covers an area of765Mu;Construction area of180wan㎡;Area of vacuum preloading treatment for soft soil foundation50616㎡.

Start time:2014years2month

Project Introduction:The project is located in Oubei Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City. It is a "three-dimensional city" project invested by Wantong Real Estate Co., LTD., New Hope Group Co., LTD.

In addition to Wenzhou Sanjiang Three-dimensional City, our company also completed the Xiao Zhengchu of New Hope Company [2018】22Plot (36Pile FOUNDATION AND FOUNDATION PIT ENCLOSURE PROJECT, BAILU CITY, WENZHOUF3031Plot foundation pit enclosure engineering,Bailu City, WenzhouF09Parcel foundation pit enclosure engineeringProjects such as

Wenzhou three rivers three-dimensional city

Wenzhou three rivers three-dimensional city

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