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──Aug 14 , 2021Strong foundation participated in the construction of TOD complex project of Shaoxing North high-speed Railway Station

Shaoxing North high-speed Railway StationTODThe complex is the first of its kind in ShaoxingTOD(transit-oriented development, a public transport-oriented development model) complex project, a key project of Zhejiang province, located in the front area of Shaoxing North high-speed Railway Station, total investment613725Ten thousand yuan, planning the total land area of about35.7Hectares, aboveground floor area approx80Ten thousand square meters, underground construction area of about20Ten thousand square meters, the construction unit is Shaoxing Jinghu New Area Development Group Co., LTD., expected in2024When completed, it will become the landmark building of Shaoxing City.

Shaoxing North high-speed Railway StationTODComplex project

Shaoxing North high-speed Railway StationTODComplex project planning diagram

The project is divided intoA,B,C,DFour plots, our company participated in the constructionAThe land is a transportation hub, adjacent to the high-speed railway station in the north, Jiahui River in the south, the east station of the station in the east, and Hangshaotai Expressway and Dayue Road in the west. As the site is close to the North Railway station, the closest distance is only8.5M; The construction involves deep foundation pit excavation, and the excavation scale is large. The surrounding environment is complex and there are many kinds of processes; The construction is faced with great challenges due to the tight project duration, serious cross-work, frequent interspersing of processes, great difficulty in site management and coordination. According to the Jinghu Development Office planning and construction Department vice minister, the project is currently one of the most difficult construction projects in China.

Shaoxing North high-speed Railway StationTODsynthesis

Shaoxing North high-speed Railway Station that our company participates in constructionTODComplex Project (APlot) three axesCement-soil mixing pileandHigh pressure rotary jet pileConstruction began in May this year and the project team overcame many difficulties to keep the construction on schedule and is now complete90%, the construction quality and safety management have met the requirements of Party A, providing a guarantee for the completion of the project on schedule.

Project construction site overlooking view

Project construction site overlooking view

The construction site

The construction site

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