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──May 26 , 2021RCP reinforced composite foundation treatment technology

 Technical principle:

RCPThe stiffening pile is a collection of sand and stone pile, cement and soil rotary jet mixing pile and rigid pile(Precast concrete piles, cast-in-place piles and steel piles)The advantages of bearing capacity and construction technology of equal pile type,According to soil conditions, soft foundation treatment requirements,Targeted to take a variety of combinations,After optimizing the pile diameter, pile length, ash content, aggregate grading and other parameters,It can give full play to the friction resistance and end resistance of the soil around the pile and match the strength of the pile material to produce high enough bearing capacity of a single pile,And it can significantly improve the strength of soil between piles.

RCPCharacteristics of the stiffening pile:

1, a wide range of applications:RCPThe strength pile is developed on the basis of single pile type, which is suitable for multi-high-rise building engineering, highway engineering, port engineering and municipal engineering,A wide range of applications. And it is suitable for the treatment and reinforcement of silt soft soil foundation.

2High bearing capacity,Adjustable strong:RCPThe strong pile combines the advantages of rigid pile and flexible pile,Both play the high strength of rigid pile,At the same time, the large friction area of the flexible pile is developed,The length and material of rigid pile can be adjusted flexibly,The composite pile with higher bearing capacity can be designed. Compared with traditional precast pile or concrete pile, it can increase the bearing capacity30%~100%.

3No noise, no mud,Energy conservation and environmental protection:The noise of driving pile and the problem of soil squeezing and the mud discharge of filling pile are overcome,Green environmental protection.

4And the economic benefits are remarkable:Its cost is less than reinforced concrete precast pile30%~50%,It is less expensive than bored pile40%~50%,It has considerable economic benefits.

5, the construction speed is fast, the quality is stable:Make full use of the existing single pile construction machinery and construction technology,The construction speed is fast and the quality is stable. Can save time40%The above.

RCPTreatment technology of reinforced composite foundation

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