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──May 28 , 2021Steel support technology for prestressed fish-belly foundation pit

Process principle:

Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing for foundation pittechnology.It's based on the principle of prestress .Aiming at the deficiency of traditional concrete inner bracing and steel bracing on the deformation control ability of foundation pit. Through a large number of engineering research and practical application. A kind of inner supporting structure system of deep foundation pit is developed . It consists of a fish belly beam(The high strength and low relaxation steel strand is used as the winding member ), to brace, Angle brace, column, beam, contact bar, high strength contact, prestressed loading device and other standard components . Forming plane prestressed support system and three-dimensional support structure system.

Compared with traditional concrete inner bracing and steel bracing.The overall stiffness and stability of the support system are greatly improved.Combined with remote real-time monitoring system .The foundation pit displacement can be effectively and precisely controlled.Greatly reduce the deformation of foundation pit. This technology has made a great breakthrough in the inner support technology of deep foundation pit. It is the most advanced internal support technology in the world.

Comparison of supporting force:

Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing for foundation pit

Technical Advantages:

1, security:Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing for foundation pitCompared to traditional support system. Prestressed fish-belly steel supports apply sufficient prestress before opening of the foundation pit.Most of the compression deformation of the support is eliminated, so as to improve the safety of the foundation pit supporting structure.The deformation of foundation pit is reduced. Digging in the process of foundation pit excavation .The prestressed fish-belly steel structure support and support structure can deal with the larger soil and water pressure or the unexpected construction load.Adjust the prestress by loading device and other measures.It can ensure the safety of supporting structure and control the deformation of surrounding soil .Effectively protect the foundation pit surrounding construction(constitutive) Environmental safety of buildings, municipal roads and pipelines. In order to realize effective monitoring of soil and water pressure on the side wall of foundation pit and deformation of the enclosure structure .Adopt multifunctional monitoring and warning system.Thus, the safety risk of foundation pit supporting structure is completely eliminated.

2Environmental benefit: the structure system with high stiffness and high stability can effectively improve the safety degree of foundation pit.High precision technology requirements ensure the quality of foundation pit retaining structure. Significantly reduce the underground space development and construction to the surrounding construction(constitutive)Environmental impact of buildings, municipal roads and pipelines. Component materials are all recovered and reused . In line with the national industrial policy of energy conservation and emission reduction.It is green construction technology.

3Economic benefit: This method provides open construction space.Make the excavation, soil and underground structure construction convenient. Not only significantly improve the underground engineering construction conditions.Moreover, the construction period and cost of the enclosure structure installation, demolition, earthwork excavation and main structure construction are greatly reduced. Compared to traditional support.This method reduces the cost 20%The above.The construction period of installation, demolition, excavation and underground structure is shortened40% The above.

Engineering Achievements:

Macau new townAareaB4Steel support for foundation pit support

Macau new townAareaB4Steel support for foundation pit support

Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing for foundation pit

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