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──Jul 10 , 2022Construction technology of gravel pile

Gravel pileThe construction of theThe vibration immersed pipe method is adopted, and the construction sequence is in the form of jumping, and the construction is carried out from the outer edge to the center. The jumping between the two adjacent piles must be adopted, and the amount of gravel perfusion of each pile is not less than0.24m³/m, the specific pile forming process is as follows:

1Clean and level the construction site, and carry out pile setting out.

2, pile machine is in place, and the vertical degree of pile tube should be corrected≤1.5%; Calibrate the length of pile pipe and the position of feeding port to make them conform to the designed pile length; A secondary feeding port is set up; Lay a small amount of gravel at the pile position.

3, start the vibration hammer, pile tube down to the design depth, each sinking0.5mLeave a vibration30Seconds.

4Slightly lift the pile pipe to open the pile tip.

5Stop the vibration, and immediately load the specified amount of gravel into the tube.

6Vibration extubation, vibration before extubation1After minutes, vibrate while extubation, each lift1mThe catheter should be inserted backwards30cmVibration,10-20Seconds, extubation speed is1~2m/min.

7, determine the length of the pile for the first feeding according to the amount of gravel designed for a single pile, and reverse insert several times until all the gravel in the pile tube is pulled out.

8Lift the pile pipe to open the second feeding port and stop the vibration, and carry out the second feeding until the filling.

9Continue to vibrate while drawing the tube until it is pulled out of the ground.

10Lift the pile pipe higher than the ground, stop vibration and carry out hole feeding (the third feeding) until the surface.

11, start the reverse insertion, and timely fill the orifice until the amount of the designed gravel pile is fully invested.

12, the hole is pressurized until the front frame is lifted to complete the construction of a pile.

13, move the pile frame to another hole, and repeat the above operation.

Large diameter crushed stone pile

Shanghai Strong foundationLarge diameter vibrating immersed tube rubble pile , the maximum pile diameter can be reached1200mm, pile length can exceed30m, gravel pile equipment can not only be applied to land foundation treatment, but also applied to water foundation treatment (using our thousand ton engineering ship as the carrier), to meet more and more water foundation treatment projects.


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