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──Jul 12 , 2022Principle of gravel pile construction to reinforce foundation

The main purpose of gravel pile construction to strengthen sandy soil foundation is to improve the bearing capacity of foundation soil, reduce the deformation and enhance the resistance to liquefaction. Shanghai Strong foundationLarge diameter vibrating immersed tube rubble pile, the maximum pile diameter can be reached1200mm, pile length can exceed30mThe anti-liquefaction mechanism of gravel pile strengthening sandy soil foundation mainly includes three aspects:

1, compaction effect

During the construction of gravel pile, the pile pipe has great lateral extrusion pressure on the surrounding sand layer,The crushed stone of the pile pipe volume pushes into the sand layer around the pile pipe, which decreases the pore ratio and increases the density of the sand layer around the pile pipe.

2, drainage pressure reduction effect

Gravel pile is filled with gravel in the construction of sand reinforcement(Pebble, gravel)Coarse granular materials with good filtration property, such as coarse sand, can form artificial vertical drainage and pressure reduction channels with good permeability in the foundation, which can effectively dissipate and prevent the increase of excess pore water pressure, prevent the liquefaction of sand, and accelerate the drainage consolidation of the foundation.

3And sand base preshock effect

During the construction of crushed stone pile, the strong vibration of vibration hammer makes the filling material and foundation soil get strong pre-shock while compaction, which is very beneficial to enhance the anti-liquefaction ability of sand. The composite soil layer plays the role of cushion, which diffuses the load and makes the stress distribution more uniform, so as to improve the overall bearing capacity of the foundation and reduce the settlement.

Photo of gravel pile test

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