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──Jul 16 , 2022Gravel piles are constructed into piles

Shanghai Strong foundation Large diameter vibrating immersed tube rubble pile, the maximum pile diameter can be reached1200mm, pile length can exceed30m, gravel pile equipment can not only be applied to land foundation treatment, but also applied to water foundation treatment (using our thousand ton engineering ship as the carrier), to meet more and more water foundation treatment projects.

First, gravel pile construction pile experiment

Before the construction of crushed stone pile, pile forming test should be carried out according to the actual situation of the site to obtain various mechanical parameters to ensure the quality of large-scale construction. The pile forming test should achieve the following purposes:

1The effective length of pile body is determined on site according to different sections and different geological conditions.

2Master all kinds of technical parameters that meet the design requirements, such as vibration frequency, vibration retention time, reverse insertion depth, pile pipe lifting height and progress, motor working current and construction time of the whole process, etc.

3Grasp the resistance of vibration immersed pipe, choose reasonable technical measures to ensure the uniformity of compaction and the continuity of pile body.

4And test whether the amount of crushed stone filling determined by laboratory tests can meet the design requirements.

5 And test whether the quality of pile body can meet the design requirements.

Second,Allowable deviation of gravel pile construction

Gravel pile construction

The allowable deviation test includes pile diameter, pile distance, pile length, perpendicularity and the amount of crushed stone poured into a single pile. When the actual feeding amount does not meet the design requirements, a pile should be added next to it.

Improved large diameter immersed tube gravel pile equipment

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Construction quality inspection of gravel pile


Quality control of gravel pile construction