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──Jul 14 , 2022Quality control of gravel pile construction

The main purpose of gravel pile construction to strengthen sandy soil foundation is to improve the bearing capacity of foundation soil, reduce the deformation and enhance the resistance to liquefaction. Shanghai Strong foundation Large diameter vibrating immersed tube rubble pile, the maximum pile diameter can be reached1200mm, pile length can exceed30m.Content of construction quality control of gravel pile:

1The lofting of pile position:The lofting shall be carried out strictly according to the design drawing, ensuring the pile spacing and layout form (equilateral triangle)).

2,Gravel pile constructionCrushed stone material is adopted as required1~2~3Natural gradation, mud content is not greater than 5% , and the maximum particle size is not greater than4cmIn order to ensure the quality of the gravel, it is absolutely not allowed to use the gravel that has not been inspected or inspected by the supervision engineer.

3The construction shall be carried out according to the prescribed construction sequence, and the whole section shall be in the form of jumping, and be carried out from the outer edge to the center.

4And according to theGravel pile constructionThe operator should record the construction start time, end time, pile depth, gravel filling amount and working current value of the motor with the technical parameters determined by the pile forming test, and pay attention to changes of various parameters.

5Control the vibration frequency, vibration retention time, reverse insertion depth, the height and speed of pile pipe lifting, and ensure the continuity of pile body.

6,Gravel pile constructionIn the process, the pile pipe should be dug in time to bring out the soil, and the soil at the hole mouth should not fall into the hole.

7Filler should be added in batches, should not be an excess of feeding, in principle to "eat more meals", each depth of antibody in has not reached the prescribed dense current should continue to feed, continue to vibrate, strictly prevent the occurrence of "broken pile" and "neck shrinkage pile".

8,Gravel pile constructionDuring the process, if the soil layer has great changes, the feeding quantity or the driving speed is abnormal, stop work immediately and report to the supervision engineer.

9,Gravel pile constructionEnd, level the site, measure the elevation, and sort out the construction records.

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