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──Jul 20 , 2022Section steel inner support construction unit plan

Section steel inner support construction unit- Shanghai Strong foundationIn most provinces and cities in China with more than 1000 project experience.

A,Material requirements

1,Steel support steel should be usedQ235Steel. Can be used round steel pipe,HCircular steel tubes should be selected for section steel, I-beam steel, channel steel or their combination.

2,Steel waist beam can be usedHSection of section steel, I-beam steel, channel steel or combination thereof. When the composite section is used, the composite section members shall be connected by the fixed plate.

3,The steel supports, waist beams, columns and auxiliary materials entering the construction site shall be submitted for inspection according to the inspection procedures for materials entering the site, and shall be accepted before installation and construction.

4,Steel support, steel waist beams and columns and other components should be manufactured by the factory.

5,For the materials used for turnover, the original material sheet, product qualification certificate, geometric size and appearance of on-site inspection shall be provided. The materials can be used only after they are qualified.

6,The quality conformity documents, Chinese marks and inspection reports of the welding materials shall meet the standard requirements, and the varieties, specifications and performance shall meet the requirements of the design documents and specifications.

7,Bolt connectors should have product quality certification documents, and their models and specifications should meet the design requirements.

8,The coating materials used to support the system shall be checked for product quality certificate when entering the field.

The stomach beam-Panoramic view of Shenzhen

Second,The main machine

1,The main equipment should be crane, gantry crane, jack, welding machine, total station, theodolite, level, steel tape measure, etc.

2,The selection of main machines and tools should meet the construction requirements.

Three,Operation conditions

1,The construction unit shall prepare the earthwork excavation and support plan according to the design drawings, engineering geological conditions, hydrogeological conditions and surrounding environment.

2,Before the construction of the waist beam, the floating mud on the surface of the surrounding wall and the concrete protruding from the wall surface should be removed.

3,Steel support structures shall be installed promptly after earthwork excavation to their designed locations.

4,The steel support system materials shall be checked and accepted, the pre-pressure application equipment shall be calibrated, and the support materials shall be stacked in accordance with the design and relevant specifications.

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