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──Jul 22 , 2022Marine plastic drainage plate engineering vessel

Shanghai has a strong foundation3Marine plastic drainage plate engineering vessel,12Driving machine can construction at the same time, the insert plastic drainage board soft soil foundation, under the upper load, void water in soft soil foundation by plastic drainage plate, or after land formation through the upper bedding sand mat layer or horizontal plastic drain discharge, accelerate the soft foundation consolidation, also can be mounted to the vibration hammer, when the soil is hard or underground obstacles, can open the vibration hammer to speed up the board, Or remove underground obstacles . The engineering vessel can be applied to the soft foundation treatment of silt, silt soil, flush soil and other saturated viscosity and miscellaneous fill soil.

The Marine plastic drainage board technology developed by Shanghai Qiangqiang Foundation Company has strong penetration of hard soil layer and efficient construction.1Construction in half minutes12The root30 Meter long drainage board, domestic counterparts generally use vibrator construction2-4Root, and construction time is longer. In the three-run project of Hong Kong Airport, it has been praised by the Hong Kong Airport Authority for many times and has accumulated the construction of Marine plastic drainage boards2000Ten thousand meters, the operation of the equipment is very successful, let the engineering field refreshing.

Plastic water drainage plate (PVD)

Drainage plate engineering vessel (assembly8Table insert machine)

Plastic sea drain board

Drainage plate engineering vessel (assembly12Table insert machine)

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Characteristics of Marine plastic drainage plate engineering vessel


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