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──Dec 17 , 2020Share the knowledge of static pile technology for strong foundation

The static pressure pileIt refers to the pile pressing method in which prefabricated piles are pressed into the soil one by one by using static pressure (dead weight and counterweight of pile driving machine). The static pressure pileThis method saves reinforcement and concrete, reduces the project cost, and the strength grade of concrete can be reduced1~2Grade, the reinforcement is more economical than the hammer method, and the construction of no noise, no vibration, no pollution, small interference to the surrounding environment, suitable for soft soil areas, urban centers or densely built pile foundation engineering, as well as the expansion of precision factories.

Construction method:

Generally, the static piles are precast in sections, pressed in sections and lengthened section by section. The method of pile connection can be welding method, sulfur cement anchor method and so on. The pile is generally pressed into sections and lengthened section by section. For this purpose, piles need to be precast in sections. When the first pile is pressed into the soil, its upper end is above the ground2m Around the second section of the pile connected, continue to press into. For each pile pressing, each process should be continuous.

The static pressure pile machine

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