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──Dec 17 , 2020The technology of drilling cast-in-place pile for construction of strong foundation pit retaining pile

The MUD wall protection hole filling pile is a pile that is replaced by underwater concrete pouring after the hole is formed by slowly drilling through the pile machine under the condition of mud wall protection, taking the drilling slag out with mud and protecting the hole wall from collapsing. No vibration during construction, no compaction, low noise, suitable for use in urban built-up areas and other advantages, widetoApplied to the Foundation pit retaining pile .

Technology of bored pile

Mud has the function of discharging slag and protecting wall. According to the mud circulation mode, it can be divided into two construction methods: positive circulation and reverse circulation.

The drilling process principle of positive circulation rotary drilling machine is that mud or high-pressure water is poured into the hollow drill pipe and ejected from the bottom of the drill pipe, carrying the soil slag under drilling to flow upward along the hole wall, and the soil slag is brought out of the flow by the hole mouthInto theMud pools. Positive loop features simple equipment, It is easy to operate,Low cost advantages; Suitable for small diameter holes( The diameter is less than800mm) , but the slag discharge ability is weak.

Reverse circulation rotary drilling is a drilling method in which the drill pipe and the drill bit are driven by the rotary device of the drilling rig to turn and cut the broken rock and soil, and the circulating wall protection mud is pumped by pumping, air lift and jet, and the drilling slag is taken with the drill pipe to suction out of the hole. The flow speed of mud in reverse circulation process is high and it can carry a large amount of soil slag. Reverse circulation hole formation is an effective construction method for large diameter piles.

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