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Common methods of ground treatment

Foundation treatment generally refers to the artificial treatment of foundation in order to improve the bearing capacity of foundation (soil or rock), or improve its deformation property or permeability property, so as to meet the normal use function and durability requirements of buildings under long-term load.

Foundation treatment(foundation treatment )Generally referred to for raising the foundation(Soil or rock )The bearing capacity, or improve its deformation properties or permeability properties, in order to meet the requirements of normal use function and durability of buildings under long-term load, and take the method of artificial treatment of the foundation.

commonFoundation treatmentMethods include filling method,Dynamic compaction method , sand pile method,Vibroflotation method , preloading method, etc.

1And soil replacement method

When the foundation bearing layer is weak, the weak soil in a certain range below the foundation bottom surface can be dug, and the backfill is filled with high strength, low compressibility and non-erosive material. The common way is to replace the filling with sand and gravel mixed.

It is suitable for the treatment of shallow soft foundation and uneven foundation.

2Dynamic compaction method,

Dozens of tons of heavy hammer from the height of the free fall, repeatedly ramming the ground, in order to tamp the foundation.

It is suitable for treating gravel soil, sand soil, clay soil, collapsible fill, miscellaneous fill and artificial fill, etc.

Dynamic compaction

3, sand pile method

The vibration effect of the vibration motor is used to drive the casing to the set depth, so that the soil around the casing is closer. Then, put sand and stone, through the force of vibration cycle compaction into piles, after many cycles become sand and stone piles.

Suitable for compaction of loose sand, silt, clay,Grain filling , miscellaneous fill soil and other foundations.

4, vibroflotation method

Lift the vibroflot with a crane, start the submersible motor to drive the eccentric block, so that the vibrator produces high-frequency vibration, at the same time start the pump, so that it through the nozzle jet high-pressure water flow, side vibration side rush, the vibrator sunk to the predetermined depth in the soil. After the hole is cleared, gravel is filled into the hole section by section from the ground, so that it is compacted under the action of vibration, and the vibrator can be lifted after reaching the required compactness. In this way, a large diameter dense pile is formed in the foundation to form a composite foundation with the original foundation, so as to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation and reduce the settlement.

It is suitable for treating sand, silt, silty clay, plain fill and miscellaneous fill.

5And preloading method

In the case of soil self-weight consolidation is not completed or the settlement of the predicted building is too large, the load is applied to the soil layer before the load of the building is applied to make the soil layer consolidated, increase the strength and reduce the later deformation of the treatment of the foundation.

It is suitable for treating saturated cohesive soil foundation such as silt, silty soil and fill soil with large thickness.

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