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15 Jul

To celebrate the opening of the third runway of the Hong Kong International Airport, built on a strong foundation

Hong Kong airport is the biggest challenges facing the third runway construction aspect, before the project starts, sea DCM (mixing pile), land DCM (mixing pile), PVD (drain) in the sea, land gravel pile foundation treatment technology such as are for Japan, South Korea, the monopoly of international advanced technology, before and after the tender, the foreign counterparts enterprises of our country executes strict technology blockade. For this reason, the strong foundation has carried on the thorough research. After more than two years of continuous fighting day and night, countless scientific research, testing and adjustment, we have overcome the difficulties of equipment manufacturing and construction technology of PVD (drainage board) engineering ship, DCM (mixing pile) engineering ship, onshore gravel pile machine, and onshore DCM pile machine, and successfully mastered the core technology.

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28 May

Steel support technology for prestressed fish-belly foundation pit

Of steel structure of foundation pit support technology of prestress the stomach, is based on the principle of prestressed, in view of the traditional concrete support, steel support of foundation pit deformation control ability, through a large number of engineering research and application practice, developed a kind of deep foundation pit support structure within the system, it is composed of the stomach beam bent (high strength low relaxation of steel strand as a member) , to brace, Angle brace, column, beam, contact bar, high strength contact, prestressed loading device and other standard components, forming a plane prestressed support system and three-dimensional support structure system.

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02 May

Macao New Town Area A B4 foundation pit supporting steel support project

The project is located in Section B4, Area A, Macao New Town. The foundation pit circumference is about 410m, the area is about 10,698 square meters, and the maximum excavation depth is 15.45m. The foundation pit supporting technology of prestressed fish-belly type foundation pit steel support (referred to as "fish-belly beam construction method") + steel sheet pile is adopted, which was started on March 10, 2021.

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17 Dec

Foreign projects, high-energy dynamic consolidation: Colombo Port City

Colombo Port City Development Project is located in the south of the south near the South Port of Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka. It is bounded by the South Port breakwater to the north, the Galle Valley to the south, and the coastline to the east. < br/> On March 29, 2018, the project was named by Forbes magazine as one of the "Five New Cities that will influence the future".

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09 Dec

Floating DCM, PVD: Runway 3, Hong Kong International Airport

As an international aviation hub in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has decided to build a third runway in order to improve its capacity to meet the increasing volume of aircraft taking off and landing. < br/> In order to protect the environment, the use of deep cement mixing method and other environmental protection.

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13 Jun

The overwater DCM project of Hengqin Mango tunnel project in Shanghai was successfully completed

Recently, the Shanghai strong foundation engineering co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "strong" Shanghai) hengqin Mang chau tunnel water period of soft foundation reinforcement engineering of the project has been smoothly completed, this is our water DCM (deep mixing cement-soil pile) technology in the mainland's first successful application, the foundation for our water treatment engineering construction has accumulated valuable experience.

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25 Apr

Successful application of water DCM in Zhuhai Hengqin Tunnel project

DCM reinforcement area over water of Hengqin mango Island tunnel project is about 5300m2. , the thickness of reinforcement is about 29~36m, and the amount of reinforcement is about 160,000 square meters. According to the design requirements, in order to improve the working efficiency and pile quality, the deep cement soil mixing pile adopts a four-axis, single-axis pile diameter is & NBSP; 1.3m, spacing 1.0m, lap width & NBSP; 0.3m, amplitude spacing 3.5m, 4.0 M&NBSP; , the replacement rate is about 33%

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21 Apr

Large diameter vibrating immersed tube gravel pile technology

Large-diameter vibrating immersed tube crushed stone pile is a deep and large-diameter dense pile body composed of crushed stone formed by sinking the steel feed pipe into the design depth by using high-power vibrating hammer as the driving force, filling the gravel into the hopper and silo, and then pulling out the feed pipe through vibration. Compared with the traditional technology of gravel pile, Shanghai Qiangqiang has mature construction technology and experience, and has dozens of gravel pile construction equipment, which has been successfully used in many large-scale foundation treatment projects at home and abroad.

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09 Dec

72,000 square meters of super deep foundation pit: Xifu Zhichuang Center Project No.3 underground foundation pit supporting project

Xifu Intellectual Innovation Center project is located in Yanan High-tech Zone, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. The excavation area of the foundation pit is about 72,000 square meters, and the excavation depth is 11.55m. The surrounding environment of the project is complex, and the excavation area of the foundation pit is large and deep. The soil layer within the excavation depth is sensitive and has certain thixotropy and rheology.

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18 Dec

Construction technology of floating mixing pile (DCM) for strong foundation

Jet mixing pile (DCM), underwater cutting soil mixing, cement grout injection, high and low accurate slurry nozzle swaps, environmental protection treatment system, construction of intelligent control technology in a body, the master of engineering ship mobile positioning system, leveling system, mixing system, drilling and grouting cement with the drilling pile system intelligent construction such as the core technology, Break the monopoly of Japan and South Korea in this field.

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