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The full name of the pile foundation is the pile foundation, which is one of the widely used construction (structure) foundation forms, consisting of piles and caps. Pile foundation engineering is the construction process of pile formation. The pile formation methods include implantation method, static pressure method, hammering method, hole filling method, vibration method and other techniques. Strong through intelligent pile planting and other innovative technologies, with more than 800 self-owned construction iron army, semi-military, lean management, high-quality service, to create the highest value for customers!

  • Pile Foundation Engineering
  • Pile Foundation Engineering
  • Pile Foundation Engineering

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Intelligent planting

Intelligent planting

Using self-developed soil cutting pulverizer, combined with intelligent control system, after the soil is cut and pulverized, the cement slurry is injected into the high-speed cutting and fully mixed to form fluid cement soil. Professional soil borrowing equipment, randomly testing the quality of cement soil, has the advantages of economy and environmental protection, especially in soft soil areas, it has great promotion value.

cast-in-place pile

cast-in-place pile

Cast-in-place pile refers to the pile hole formed in the foundation soil by means of mechanical drilling, steel pipe excavation or manual excavation at the project site, and a steel cage and poured concrete are placed in it. Cast-in-place piles can be further divided into immersed cast-in-place piles, bored cast-in-place piles and excavated cast-in-place piles. Bored cast-in-place pile is a type of pile defined according to the classification of pile forming methods.

static pressure pile

static pressure pile

The static pressure pile method is a pile driving process in which the prefabricated piles are pressed into the soil by the pile driving mechanism of the static pile driver and the counterweight provided by the self weight of the pile driver and the counterweight on the frame. It is a type of pile foundation, and its working principle is diametrically opposite to that of hammering. The advantage of the static pressure pile is that it completely avoids the vibration, noise and pollution caused by hammering the pile, so it has the advantages of no damage to the pile, no noise, no vibration, no impact, and no pollution during construction.

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Own equipment

equipmentOwn equipment

200More than 200 sets of various construction machinery

44 offshore construction ships

30000More than 30,000 tons of fabricated steel components

Technical advantages

technologyTechnical advantages

143143 patents have been authorized, including 54 invention patents and 82 utility model patents

Independent research and developmentProcess equipment development capabilities for core technologies and patented technologies

Management advantage

managementManagement advantage

own workersSelf-owned industrial workers, paramilitary management, apprenticeship

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