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In order to effectively solve the problem of submarine soft soil foundation construction and maintenance, compared with the traditional methods, the use of plastic water drainage board, water mixing pile DCM and other new technology, construction cost is lower and the impact on the Marine environment and aquaculture industry is less, is the inevitable development trend of seabed soft foundation treatment methods.

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Water DCM (stirring pile) technology

Water DCM (stirring pile) technology

Water DCM construction method, collecting water (ground) soil cutting mixing, cement slurry accurate injection, high and low slurry nozzle exchange, environmental protection treatment system, intelligent control construction and other technologies in one, is a domestic technology pioneer.It has 4 DCM engineering ships and 15 onshore DCM piling machines.

Water PVD (Plastic Drainage Board) Technology

Water PVD (Plastic Drainage Board) Technology

Water-hydraulic intelligent PVD construction technology is a patented innovation technology, with strong penetration of hard soil layer and high construction efficiency. Twelve 30-meter-long drainage boards are constructed in one and a half minutes. Domestic counterparts generally use vibrators to construct 2-4 plates at a time, and the construction time is longer.

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