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Control of perpendicularity of groove wall by CSM construction method

The quality of CSM construction is focused on the control of perpendicularity. In order to ensure the quality of slotting and effectively control the perpendicularity, the following measures are taken:

csmThe quality of construction groove is focused on the control of verticality. In order to ensure the quality of groove formation and effectively control the verticality, the following measures are taken:

1,csmThe selection of construction equipment

Select the heavy grab Jintai with the function of forced correctionSG40AIn the process of grooving, the display instrument of the grooving machine is used to track and observe the verticality, so as to rectify the vertical degree with digging. Ultrasonic sidewall instrument was selected to detect each groove segment, as shown in the following figure:

Underground diaphragm wall

Japan imported ultrasonic sidewall instrument detection photo

2,csmConstruction process control

In the process of grooving, after the end of each catch, the ultrasonic sidewall instrument is used to detect the groove wall. When the perpendicularity exceeds the design requirements, the digging down shall be stopped immediately, and the digging down can be carried out again after the perpendicularity meets the design requirements.

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