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CSM construction mud treatment work

1. Slurry storage: Semi-buried brick slurry pool is used for slurry storage. Set up mud pool and transfer pool according to the actual situation on site. The capacity of the slurry pool containing the slurry should be able to meet the slurry consumption during the trough construction.

csmConstruction mud treatment work

1, mud storage

The mud is stored in a semi-buried brick mud pool.Set this parameter based on the actual situationMud pool and transfer pool.The capacity of the slurry pool containing the slurry should be able to meet the slurry consumption during the trough construction.

2,Fluid circulation

Mud cycle adoption3kwThe type B mud pump circulates in the mud pool,7.5KwType B mud pump transport,15Kw(or22KWMud pump recovery, composed of mud pump and hose mud circulation pipeline.

3,Separation and purification of mud

After the mud is used for one cycle, the mud is separated, purified and replenished with fresh mud by a mud purifier to improve mud reuse. The WAY TO IMPROVE THE TECHNICAL INDEX OF MUD is to add BARITE powder, CAUSTIC soda and sodium soil to the purified mud, so that the original wall protection performance of the purified mud is basically restored.


4,Degraded mud treatment

The degraded mud is first stored in the waste slurry tank and then transported to the designated place by closed mud tank truck.

5Mud construction management

The slurry level in the tank should be kept at the highest level that does not prevent mud overflow and must be higher than the groundwater level1mAbove, when the trough operation is suspended, the mud surface should not be lower than the top surface of the guide wall50cm.

The mud should be continuously displaced during the clearing process. After clearing the trough, the bottom of the trough0.5~1mThe mud specific gravity at shall be less than1.15, sand content is not greater than7%, viscosity is not greater than25s.


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