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Applicability of composite soil nailing wall

Composite soil nail wall is suitable for :(1) water stop curtain. (2) Micro pile. (3) prestressed bolt. (4) composite soil nailing wall should not be used for foundation pit support under the following conditions:

Composite soil nail wall is suitable for:

(1) water stop curtain. Due to the limitation of earthwork excavation and soil nailing, soil nailing wall support can be applied in the soil layer above the groundwater level. Under the condition of high groundwater level, cement-soil mixing piles must be set around the foundation pit to form a closed water stop curtain and cut off the hydraulic connection between the aquifer in the soil inside and outside the pit. Although the shear strength of soil-cement may be higher than that of undisturbed soil, which will improve the stability of the side wall of the foundation pit, the dispersion of soil-cement strength is large, and the amplitude of strength improvement is small in the deep soil layer, so the improvement of slope stability is very limited.

(2) Micro pile. Micro pile can take the form of concrete, pile or steel pile and so on. Usually, micro pile is first built around the foundation pit before earthwork excavation and setting soil nails, also known as advance pile. It CAN REDUCE THE SLOPE DEFORMATION AND IMPROVE THE STRESS CONDITION OF SHOTCRETE SURFACE, WHICH IS AN EFFECTIVE MEASURE TO IMPROVE THE SAFETY OF FOUNDATION PIT IN THE CONSTRUCTION STAGE.

(3(prestressed bolt. The length of the prestressed anchor rod is larger and the distance between the anchor end and the periphery of the foundation pit is larger, so the anchor force can be transmitted to the stable soil layer far away from the foundation pit. The prestressed end bar with certain distribution density can control the deformation of soil nailing support obviously.

(4) Composite soil nailing wall is not suitable for foundation pit support under the following conditions:

①The excavation depth of foundation pit contains large thickness of silt or silt soil layer, the excavation surface of this kind of soil layer usually does not have enough self-stabilization time, and is easy to collapse.

②The loose newly filled soil layer has low strength and poor uniformity, which can not provide enough anchorage force for soil nails. Under the action of load, soil deformation is large, and wall damage is easy to occur.

③When there is a thick soft soil layer at the bottom of the foundation pit, the stability of the soil at the bottom of the pit is poor.

④High environmental protection conditions, strict requirements for foundation pit deformation and greater excavation depth 12m The foundation pit. Compared with the traditional support, soil nailing support has the advantages of low cost, short construction period, convenient construction, simple construction machinery and equipment, but the deformation of the foundation pit is relatively large.

Composite soil nailing wall

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