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More engineering cases in Guangdong

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Three shaft stirring pile: Zhuhai Hengqin Vientiane World City

Three axis mixing pile: Foshan Hai8 Road tunnel section 1 and 2

Prestressed fish-belly steel bracing for foundation pit: Foshan Hongyu Building

Pile foundation engineeringZhuhai Rongtai International Hotel

Pile foundation Project: Foshan Buddha Zen (hanging)2013-009plot

Pile Foundation Project: Longxi Waterfront Garden Phase I and Phase II project

Foundation pit project: Relocation house of Zhuhai connecting line of Guangdong Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

Foundation Pit Project: Guangzhou Metro network Operation management Command Center

Foundation pit project: Guangzhou Wanda Cultural Tourism City show

Foundation pit project: Foshan Branch Qinjun Yuhuafu

Foundation pit Project: Foshan Buddhist Meditation (hanging)2013-007Plot a

Foundation pit Project: Phase I and Phase II of Zhuhai Huafa Capital

Foundation pit Project: Guangzhou Greenland City, Luogang District, GuangzhouGplot

Foundation pit Project: Zhuhai Bangke Life Building

Foundation pit project: Chaoannan Road, Foshan Times

Foundation pit Project: Beautiful Scenery Industrial Park

Foundation pit project: Zhuhai Workers' Cultural Palace and Local Museum

Pile foundation+Foundation Pit Project: Nansha Wanda Plaza, Guangzhou

Pile foundation+Foundation pit project: Guangzhou Wanda Cultural Tourism CityB2,B3,B4plot

Pile foundation+Foundation pit project: Foshan Fujing Meiju Commercial and Residential Building

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