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More project cases in Hubei

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Three shaft stirring pile: Hong Kok Chau Union Thai, NanchangA-19plot

Three axis stirring pile: Wuhan Qingshan Wushang International Mall sinking square

Three axis stirring pile: Wuhan Jinke City Phase I

Three axis stirring pile: Wuhan Longhu BaishazhouTODTianjie Complex

Three axis stirring pile: Wuhan Guangming Xin City

Triaxial mixing pile: Wuhan Evergrande Jungrui

Three axis stirring pile: Jingzhou Evergrande Jade Court

Three axis stirring pile: Wuhan Henglong Square

Three-axis mixing pile: Yuegem Stage II, Wuhan New City

SMWmethod+ Three shaft stirring pile: Fanhu Station of Wuhan Rail Transit Line 2

SMWmethod : Jiyuqiao Station of Wuhan Railway Line 2

SMWMethod:+Three-axis mixing pile: Attached to Fanhu Station of 11 Standard of Wuhan Rail Transit Line 3

SMWConstruction method: Underground traffic ring corridor pile of Wangjiadun Business District, Wuhan

SMWWork method: Gutian four line north extension line (Changfeng Avenue-Zirun North Road)

CSMmethod: Wuhan Hanzheng Street East piece A2plot

Bored pile: Wuhan Rail Transit21Xinrong Station of line No

Rotary jet stirring stiffening pile: Wuhan central square

Pile foundation engineering: Lingjiao Lake in coastal Wuhan

Pile foundation project: Wuhan Yongqing Slice Business Complex AreaB10plot

Foundation pit engineering: Hubei City Industrial Building

Foundation pit Project: Wuhan Fuqiang International

Foundation Pit Project: Gezhouba International Square (North)CArea foundation pit enclosure project

Foundation pit project: Wuhan Hongda Central Square

Foundation PIT Project: Wuhan Evergrande Capital Phase III Foundation pit support project

Foundation PIT Project: Wuhan Huangpu Street Jinniu Square foundation pit support project

Foundation Pit Project: Foundation pit project of Wuhan Information Value-added Service Industrialization base

Foundation pit Project: Wuhan Wangjiadun City Square Phase II

Foundation pit Project: Phase I of Wujian Guangcai International City Project

Foundation pit project: Wujiu line comprehensive pipe gallery

Foundation pit Project: Xudong Village, Poly, WuhanK1Foundation pit support engineering

Foundation pit Project: Hubei Central South Municipal Design Institute Design building

Foundation pit Project: Wuhan Fengli Yuan

Foundation pit project: Wuhan Metro2Evergreen Garden Station on line No

Deep foundation pit project: Wuhan Erqi Yangtze River Bridge Management Center - underground parking garage

Deep foundation pit Project: Wuhan Fenghua International

Pile foundation+Foundation pit project: Reconstruction of Huaqiao Urban villageK6plot

Pile foundation+Foundation pit project: Wushengren Xinhui North District

Pile foundation+Foundation pit Project: Wuhan Greenland Optical Valley170residential

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