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Marine foundation treatment method

How to do the sea foundation treatment method? The ground treatment on land in order to lay the foundation in the soft soil, for the thick soft soil is usually used pile machine structure, lay a few piles as reinforcement in the soil layer; For shallow soil, the replacement method is used to excavate the soft soil and fill with solid material. In order to effectively solve the construction and maintenance problems of soft subsoil, it is necessary to use deep cement mixing vessel (DCM vessel).

In order to lay the foundation on the soft soil, the pile foundation structure is usually used for the thick soft soil layer, and several piles are laid as reinforcement in the soil layer. For shallow soil, the replacement method is used to excavate the soft soil and fill with solid material. In order to effectively solve the problem of construction and maintenance of submarine soft soil foundation, it is necessary to use deep cement mixer (DCM The ship).

A, What is a deep cement mixer?

Deep cement mixer (DCMThe ship)Cement or cement-solidified materials are added to the soft cohesive soil according to the relevant ratio, and the chemical curing effect is used to form solid and stable soil in the foundation, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the underwater soft soil as the foundation of hydraulic construction.

Compared to traditional methods,DCMThe construction cost of the technology is lower and the impact on the Marine environment and aquaculture industry is less, which is the inevitable development trend of the soft seabed foundation treatment methods.

In before,DCMThe production and construction of construction ships and machinery and equipment are only owned by companies from countries such as Japan and South Korea. Chinese manufacturers not only have no construction experience, but also face strict technological blockade. After working hard, we have our ownDCM Ship, played a major role in the third runway project at Hong Kong International Airport.

The waterDCM (6)

Second, How is the deep cement mixer constructed?

Deep cement mixing ship can realize deep water cement mixing, rely on the key equipment isDCMStirring apparatus.

DCMDeep soil mixing plant is used for cutting mixing of wing and used to complete the cement guniting line, construction process, relying on gravity downwards, stirring until the access to the processor itself foundation strength is high enough, after the formation of and processor in the front of the shotcrete mouth spit out according to the construction environment according to certain proportion preparation beforehand good slurry, And through the stirring effect of stirring wings, it is fully mixed with the soft sand on the seabed, forming a reinforced cement pile.

Three, Offshore foundation treatment completed the case-- Hong Kong Airport Three-Run event

Land reclamation for the third runway project at Hong Kong International Airport650ha, with the participation of Shanghai Strong and China Communications Construction Group3026 Mark,Reclamation and foundation treatment cost approx 130Million Hong Kong dollars.

In order to minimize the possibility of leakage of pollutants from the reclaimed land and affecting Marine life, the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) three-run project uses the seaDCMAnd the landDCMAnd the sea PVDAnd ground treatment technology such as gravel pile on land.

Three Runs in Hong Kong

According to the latest information, the laying of the third runway at the Hong Kong International Airport has been completed9month7The completion ceremony was held on Sunday, marking an important milestone in the three-runway system project at the Hong Kong International Airport.

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